OUT 21.05.2021



New album "Natsukashii" OUT NOW. Beside all streaming services there will be limited tapes of the new album. Get your copy now.


Music has no limits

Swiss based beatmaker, Est 86, 72 CTY KID. Member of Les Gents and F.H.F.

His instrumentals are inspired by dusty funk and soul samples, mixed with authentic 90’s drum grooves, harmonic melodies and musical nuances. Horscht knows how to create a nostalgic feeling around his music, sometimes laid back, sometimes bouncy. In the past years he also worked with numerous national rappers and artists.

Horscht - Natsukashii

Horscht - fresh and unknown

Les Gents - Peak Life

Lazy Larry - Grumpy

Radical - Letschtä Tanz

Lazy Larry - Ey Ey

F.H.F. - RAP

Hawk & Freeze - Wiedervereint

Gimma - Megaschwiizer / Ultraschwiizer

Zuger Shuger - 6300

Marten & Sniff - Strassä & Laternä

Flyn - AVE

Frisk - Perspektive

FixFinest - Usem FF

Marten & Sniff - Schlicht und Zweifach

C.mEE - [Ã]

Wouso - Handwerk

Pignigg - Sideshow

Fleg - Mis Dorf


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